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Hello and welcome to a very special Pixel-League #362 featuring the menacing Pixel Riot Kayle.
If you did attend Gamescom like me, you have aquired a code to unlock Riot Kayle and the Riot Ward skin!
Yes, I have one extra code. How can you win? That’s easy: Reblog or like this posting until Gamescom ends on 17th of August (doing both doubles your chance!). It would be nice if you follow me, but you don’t have to in order to win this skin!
But: THIS SKIN IS FOR EU-PLAYERS ONLY, it can not be transferred to another server. So make sure you have an EU-account to unlock your skin and ward!
On sunday I will announce the winner and forward the code and page (bit.ly/lolgamescom) where one lucky person will be able to unlock his or her skin!
Good luck!!! May the liking and reblogging begin!!!

Newtype (ニュータイプ) 2014年 09月号

So, this is my first giveaway and I’m giving away 10€ RP for EUW/EUNE (LoL Prepaid-card) and 10€ for the rest of the world (NA/OCE/LAN/… Paysafecard).All you have to do is: 
follow my blog 
like and reblog this post! 
Also your asks have to be open!
For further questions, feel free to contact me. ;)Good luck. ♥
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Well, as I reached my first 100 followers I decided to make a little giveaway to thank you all! :-)
There will be two winners:
The first place will receive a sketch of any game character of his choice (drawn by me of course). It will be send to his address.
The second place will be free to decide which game character he’d like to see next as a sketch. I’ll post it then on my page with personal dedication!
So if you want to take place in this giveaway you should be one of my followers ;-) If you are, you just have to reblog or like this posting. Doing both things will double the chance to win ^^
This contest will end on Saturday, 9 August. Then two random winners will be chosen and announced one or two days after the deadline.
If you have any futher questions, don’ hesitate to ask! ^^
Let the giveaway begin! <3