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Bubblegum Crisis

Today I hit 100 followers, so I promised a tiny giveaway!
One person will receive a skin (or champion, if they desire) that costs 975 RP or less!
Reblog to enter!
Likes count as an extra entry!
You don’t have to follow me, but it gives you a higher chance!(Anyone who reblogs this + follows me gets an extra entry!)
This means you can have up to 3 entries ~
You can choose to be gifted a champion instead if you want ~ (You can also choose a cheaper/mystery skin + an LCS icon, if you’d want that instead.)
NA only (Sorry, but that’s where I am!)
Ends July 16th at midnight! (Hopefully Soulstealer Vlad and Hazmat Heimer will be out by then.)
Remember to keep your ask box open, because if I can’t contact you once I pick the winner, I’ll just pick somebody else. If you are the winner and you don’t reply after 24 hours, I’ll also pick somebody else ~
GLHF huehuehuehue

Hey guys! We’re giving away 2 pairs of League of Legends codes from Anime Expo this past weekend, and one lucky winner will also receive a swanky LoL lanyard! Reblog this photo for your chance to be one of our winners! Extra submissions can be made through our Facebook (Http://, Instagram (, Twitter (, and Google+ ( All submissions must be in by 10AM PDT on Friday and codes MUST MUST MUST be redeemed by 7PM PDT on FRIDAY JULY, 11TH (tomorrow!!) or they will no longer be valid! Ohk, GO GO GO!! ^.^

Hi guys~! This is a quick giveaway for Dragonslayer Pantheon and Riot Ward Skin. I will be picking the winners tonight. Good luck! ^~^

Every single one of these codes expires today so if anyone wants them, they are welcome to enter my giveaway. all you have to do is FOLLOW ME, reblog this post, and reblog this post. It ends tonight at 10pm pacific. GO GO

So theleaguelife just posted about it, but our (and everyone else’s) skin codes are expiring today according to this post, so I’m giving away what little I have to you guys.
Skins available:1 Dragonslayer Pantheon (all servers)1 Dragonslayer Pantheon (all servers except NA)2 Riot Fist Bump Ward Skins1 Championship Thresh
To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is follow me and reblog this post. The giveaway ends tonight at around 10pm pacific.
theleaguelife is doing an even bigger giveaway, so join hers too to increase your chances of winning something! Here’s the link to hers.